Top 5 reasons for selling tour packages using an online marketplace.

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  1. Increasing online Users

Travellers are increasingly booking and organising their own travel. They can search, compare and book their travel  without leaving the couch, and online tools like Makemytrip for holidays, goimomi for Islamic Travel, Skyscanner for flights allow them to search, compare and book complicated itineraries giving one stop solution.

  1. Massive Reach

By selling online, your operator can reach millions of customers with very low cost. Online portals provides you the accessibility to all it’s customers  without having to spend any money on marketing. It’s a good opportunity for  business owners to gain good profits without any advanced investments.

  1. Gain Instant Trust & Brand

Some benefits and guarantees of the online marketplace gets more exposure, and benefits trust and brand for your travel agency and there by increase in revenue. 

  1. Reach Global Audience 

By selling your products online, you can reach borderless markets. 

  1. Let’s your affiliates sell packages on behalf of you

The marketing of the online marketplace is done by the Portals, and all your products are exposed to audience moreover A huge bunch of thriving entrepreneurs in travel industry get affiliated with online portals and sell tour packages to their walk-ins. you might be surprised that, an affiliate in your neighbourhood or someone overseas will be selling your package to their clients.

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