How Tour Operators can prepare for building Reputation Online:

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The travel industry is witnessing a dramatic makeover in recent years. The industry has emerged into an e-business platform where digitisation has played a pivotal role. In the past the travel industry has been dependent on the OTA, whereas the modern day business model has provided opportunities to deliver products to the customer quicker with competitive pricing via computing and mobile platforms.

Today and in the future the travel is for sure will be planned and decided on mobiles and online portals. travel industry is in the era of technological  change. Having said that it is vital for tour operators to acknowledge & understand the change and learn to prepare to grow their reputation online. 

“My travel company reputation will be taken care of itself” is no more a fact as people tend to read and decide based on the reviews they read online. Searching for flights and hotels have already set their presence and values online. But when it comes to tour package, the change is happening now.

  1. Build your company a website:

Get your company an online address and presence, yes I mean a website to talk about your company and its existing reputations as testimonials from off-line customers. There is a new market that your company can explore and reach with a website. This will improve your customers’engagement level and keep the customer for longer. There are a lot of website developers in every city, so get recommended for a good one and get an website with an admin panel for you to update your site with realistic and updated information, customers don’t want to see same content everytime they visit. 

Consider the following while creating an website for your company 

  • Speed of loading and performance of the website 
  • Look and experience as a user must be great 
  • Contents – About Company, Contact company, Gps location of the office 
  • Mobile-Friendly as mobile users are out coming the desktop users

  1. Be Active online: 

As of today, almost everyone has social media presence and as a matter of fact, social media posts has high convincing effect for customers to make decisions. The emails and direct SMS also plays a vital role in reputation adding for a tour operator. therefore it is essential for every tour operator to be present on social media, engage in conversations and publish new updates, engage in chat based support, send regular marketing emails. 

The email and social media posts must be scheduled at proper intervals with our spamming the customers, the followup emails so to be sent appropriate, there are growing number of social media platforms today, therefore to manage all your social media accounts, emails and SMS use of an all-in-one Automation Software will be of great use, one of the best such online software affordable and user-friendly for medium-scale companies is 

  1. Push your Packages global through OTAs. 

By working with an OTA, your business gains exposure to an otherwise untouched audience. You will probably get more reputation and more bookings as a result. Your reviews on OTAs speak for your company. You. Can use the OTA like to manage your packages, bookings, inventory of packages, communicate with your customers, manage accounts, manage your office from anywhere and lot more. 

By being a part of an OTA 

  • Your can reach global new markets
  • Build a brand 
  • Collect reviews which is a major asset for any tour operator 
  • And lot more 

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