5 Best Ways to Improve Your Future Trips While at Home


Proper utilisation of time is part of Sunnah. Hence, lets plan for our future trips, be is leisure or business or pilgrimage trips, Let us plan and prepare ourselves for the upcoming trips to perform in a more smooth, efficient and accepted way, in-shaa-Allah. Considering you have planned your obligatory  Hajj in this year, let’s discuss top 5 ways to prepare for it. 

  1. Read more books

Spend time to read a lot about the significance of Hajj, Holy Makkah, Holy Madinah. & other places with islamic history. Get to know about the history, culture, people, things to do and pen down important points about the place. Pen down your queries and get them answered by  experienced scholars. Also you can checkout faq.goimomi.com for some of the common queries and answers to then with reference with Quran and Hadheeth.  

As the verse from the holy Quran says, 

إِنَّا كُلَّ شَيْءٍ خَلَقْنَاهُ بِقَدَرٍ

“Indeed everything that We have created is according to a measure”

Surah Al Qamar, 49

That’s right. Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and the creator of you and I and everything else, did this all by design and plan and precise measurement.

2. Pre-Pack/prepare Regularly Used Items

Packing is really important when you are planning for trip especially when you are going for a pilgrimage, that too with your family/parents. So Pre-pack the basic items that you regularly use like toiletries, travel adaptors, travel pillows, sunscreen, binoculars, camera with chargers, trimmer, hair dryer, travel iron, handy umbrella, travel documents etc.,. Make use of our packing list for hajj & umrah. Also don’t forgot to Prepare your Travel bags, Might be that when you were back from the previous trip , you should have been tired and left the travel bag without cleaning. Now it might be the perfect time to spruce your travel bags. The prepacked items shall be mailed separately in a drawer or your usual travel bag itself to avoid searching for items in the last moment. 

3. Check Documents

It’s the convenient time to check all your documents like, expiry date, damages, remove pins/stickers if any. Though right now you will not able to renew your travel document, you can apply for an appointment rather than getting shocked your document validity is expired after planning your trip. It is good habit to add a reminder in your calendar for renewal of your travel document, especially of your spouse & kids. 

4. Plan a travel date 

Its vital to plan a tentative date for your trip ignorer to make research on finding the best place/ suitable tour organiser etc., if you are planning for Hajj, Umrah, Ziarath or halal Tourism, www.goimomi.com give you the packages from best of organisers. Once you had decided your date, you 

5. Start saving some money

Begin to save money for your pilgrimage trip. Research on the prevailing rates and try to forecast yourself the budget that you might require when you had intended to travel. Checkout goimomi.com to know the various prevailing rates for umrah, hajj, Ziarath and halal tourism from various destinations. We often hear few of the trips get cancelled due to shortage of fund allocation for the trip. 

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